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The purpose of SCC is to improve students’ academic achievement by developing a plan based on district and school goals. See
Our School Community Council Members
Mary Marable 435-210-0626 Principal
Janelle Arbon 435-260-2085 Chair (Parent)
Eve Maher-Young 435-260-1372 Vice Chair (Parent)
Josh Cameron 775-741-3587 School Employee
Scott Groene 801-712-5034 Parent
Sheree Maughan 435-260-1809 Parent
Debbie Munger 435-260-0162 Parent
School Community Council Funding
Funding through time:
2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020 Projected 2020-2021
$83,747 $96,464 $110,219 $120,292
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