Principal's Message

Dear Parents,
Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! We are all so excited and anxious to get this year underway. As part of the Grand tradition, our Student Government annually chooses a theme for the year and they have chosen "The Future is GRAND!" As part of your child's education this year, we as a school are going "One to One" by supplying every high school student with a Google Chromebook!
What does this mean for your student? After the necessary paperwork is signed and returned to their advisor, your student will receive a Google Chromebook in which they are responsible for and can use at school and home for their studies. Below I have attached the information our teachers have discussed with your student for your understanding.
Chromebook Documents to Review
1. Student Guide - Chromebooks (Slides for Presentation)
2. Policies and Procedures for Chromebooks - Paperwork for parents and students.
3. Spanish Version - Policies and Procedures for Chromebooks
4. Personal Device Pledge
These documents can be found online by going to:
2. Parent Tab
3. Chromebook Information
We hope by beginning this year with this opportunity we can offer extended technology usage for "all" students. We know this will be a process but look forward to extending these opportunities with technology and education. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call the school office for extra help.
Thanks in advance for your support.

Dr. Mary A. Marable